Gyal Balance

This is a hormone herbal blend (max strength) to support Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, one of the most common women disorders affecting the reproductive system.

If you’ve been stressed out, overtired, or have had a period of emotional difficulty, it’s likely that your hormones may be a little out of whack. This blend can help get everything back in balance!

If you’ve been suffering from PCOS, PMS, heavy bleeding, or hair loss due to PCOS then you should try this oil.  If you have a difficult time during your menstrual cycle, this blend can help you, too!

Helps to regulate the body and minimize symptoms with::

▪️Breast Tenderness
▪️Irregular Periods
▪️Hair Loss
▪️Hot flashes
▪️Menstrual Cramps
▪️Night sweats

Pleasant Florally Aroma
▪️Convenient packaging
▪️Small enough to fit in a pocket, briefcase or small clutches
▪️100% Non-Toxic
▪️Utilizing 99.95% Certified Organic Ingredients
▪️Cruelty Free

Apply to your pressure points 2-3 times per day and enjoy the delightful aroma as the oils go to work for you.


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