Hydro Strawberry Mist

Hydrolyzed Proteins have excellent moisture binding, repair properties and feel while providing a protective barrier for skin and hair. This is the perfect hydration treatment  is made with hydrolyzed baobab protein and other excellent 

If your hair lacks moisture, it will be more dry and frizzy than usual, and this ultimately leads to hair breakage and fall. If protein is the building block of hair, then moisture is the key that helps to renew and restore it. hydroponic strawberry will provide the quench needed to revive your hair. 

A Pro-Vitamin B5 infused mist with Calendula extract works overtime to instantly calms and cools redness on-the-go, and other skin irritants. 


This perfect hydration mist is made with hibiscus hydrosol, rose water, Provitamin B-5, honeyquat, hydrolyzed baobab protein, and marshmallow root. 


Spritz daily for length retention and longer moisture. 



 Cleaner ingredients 🚨 

Ingredients Water infused with Hibiscus + Rose Hydrosol, Aloe,Propanediol,  Honequat, Hydrolyzed Baobab Protein, Sodium Lactate, Panthenol DL, Calendula Extract, Tocopheryl Acetate ( Vitamin E)Phenoxyethanol (and) Caprylyl Glycol (and) Sorbic Acid, fragrance

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Customer Reviews

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Smells Great and Hydration is on a ten!

I bought this not knowing what to expect really, but it has become a part of my hair regimen. Whenever my 4c low porosity hair needs some "act right" I spritz a little of this on, and immediately it will get it's act together becoming more manageable and soft. Highly recommend.

Hydro Strawberry Mist

I wanted a product to keep my hair moisturized while wearing braids & this is it! Absolutely loves the way it smells and makes my scalp feels. Definitely ordering more soon.

Antoinette Perez
The Bomb!

This was made for me because it really helps me a lot. I use this everyday and will continue to do so because it really does something to my hair. LOVE LOVE IT.. When I had flare ups it burns and hurt but I have notice since I am using this along with my hella bam my flare up has subside.

Hydro Strawberry Mist

Hydro Strawberry Mist gives extra moisture after washing or re-twisting during the week. Since I get a better twist when my hair is damp, I use the Hydro Strawberry Hydration Mist with So Sorrel Moisture Bliss Cream and I wake up the next morning with soft, hydrated hair that smells WONDERFUL!

S Walt
Another fave

So I love this because it’s so convenient & versatile. If I just need to boost a style or lift my coils or my daughter’s curls, I use it. If I need to hydrate my hair, or chase my son around the house to add some moisture to his haircut, I use it. And if I just need a mood boost or I’m giving my husband a quick scalp massage, I use it, because it smells so good lol!! The strawberry hydration mist is a winner and much appreciated in my household.

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