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Shaneece Thompson is a senior US federal investigator. She is also the owner and maker of Kai Blends beauty products since 2019, selling on multiple platforms including Newark Markerhood and The Sistah Shop at the Jersey Gardens Mall.  She has over 10 years of experience as an entrepreneur in cosmetology, print marketing, tech, and government.

Shaneece is a Jamaican-born, New Jersey resident who has a B. S in Business Administration and a MBA with an additional concentration in Human Resource Management from the Long Island University where she graduated Magna Cum Laude.  In addition, Shaneece is a hair care expert that specializes in scalp health and regimen building. Shaneece and her brand, Kai Blends have been featured on top US podcasts including The Product Boss Podcast and The Boujee Boss Up Podcast. She was named Maker of the Month on Newark Markerhood in September 2021. Shaneece is also a known valuable contributor to Afro-centric hair care and beauty groups totaling over 400K members on Facebook. Shaneece curated a successful Detox, Stop and Reverse Hair Loss Challenge which helped over 200 women with chronic hair loss during the COVID Pandemic.

Fun fact: Shaneece is also considered a disabled US Army veteran. Shaneece is also a proud mama and she is very family-oriented.  She has been an entrepreneur at heart since she was 9 years old. When Shaneece is not actively working towards that 6-figure goal for her business, enforcing labor laws, and spending quality time with her small family, she is helping female entrepreneurs launch successful businesses with proper branding and web infrastructure at no cost and working on her podcast.



Kai Blends Brand was inspired by her daughter. When Shaneece gave birth to her daughter, Kailah in 2019, cradle cap and postpartum hair loss became a new phenomenon. These two naturally hairy beings experienced rapid hair loss." Can you believe my baby was born with a lot of hair and by 3 months old, she had a receding hairline!" she shared during an interview with the Product Boss Podcast in 2020. 

It was Shaneece's upbringing in Jamaica and access to fresh and natural hair remedies authentic to her Jamaican roots that inspired her entrepreneurial journey long before she gave birth.  However, it was her experience as a new mom and dealing with hair loss that pushed her to start Kai Blends in 2019.  Shaneece used  Jamaican Black castor oil that was made by her best friend's mom in Jamaica to regrow her hair and the baby's hair. She decided to source and market this grade Jamaican Black Castor Oil which led to trade and bottling in Newark, NJ in October 2019.

In an household with 3 girls, Shaneece had her hands full. She had to deal with different hair and skin needs so she became more vested in her DIYs. These projects became complex which resulted in advanced hair and skin care formulations. She also used her time at the Long Island University to network, access library resources including Bloomberg for research and development of her future brand while she was pregnant. Therefore, a business was always in the works. 



Kai Blends is the unique combination of good health, sustainability & performance.  We stay alert for top beauty trends and create experiences that are shareable. Kai blends is the secret but we keep no secret of what goes into the development of our products. We focus on incorporating top beauty secrets, remedies and unfound ingredients from the Caribbean to create the most complete  beauty systems.



Our principles are Integrity, Respect, Courage and Transparency.

Our Ethical Principles shape our culture, underpin our reputation, and must be known and recognised by all Kai Blends Beauty employees.

Integrity because acting with integrity is vital to building and maintaining trust and good relationships.

Respect because what we do has an impact on many people’s lives.

Courage because ethical questions are rarely easy but must be addressed.

Transparency because we must always be truthful, sincere and be able to justify our actions and decisions



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