Kai Blends Brand was inspired by my daughter. I reflected on my childhood in Jamaica and growing up with natural products that were safe and had multipurpose. I liked the results I got with using Jamaican  black castor oil prepared by a family friend, Aunty Sonia. The effort that goes into making my oil is all love. The  picking and roasting of castor seeds and the cold pressing without any chemical processes is time and labor intensive but it is the right way to make the best product. 

The skin line emerged from the changes in my skin after giving birth and the need to look refresh going to work. I work full-time as a federal employee, I am a US veteran that suffers from insomia and with the demands of a baby that don’t sleep at nights, I started to experience puffiness, swelling and roughness on my face. It appeared like I stopped taking care of myself. My self care journey led me to watch YouTube videos with  reactions from Dermatologist and not excluding breakouts and harshness with breakouts.

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