Healthy Hair Growth

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Healthy Hair Growth


Healthy Hair begins with the roots! Just like a tree with its roots reaching deep into the earth, good hair starts with a healthy scalp. Your hair will flourish if you take the necessary steps to maintain a healthy scalp. 


Find a moisturizing oil that can keep your scalp hydrated. You want your scalp to absorb and retain moisture well so the strands growing out of it can be healthy as well. Of course, we know deep treatments are great for moisturizing your scalp. Kai Blends Jamaican Castor oil can be used as a hot treatment or as a regular daily greaser. Don't get it me wrong, water is key in any moisture therapy you should always added before or after oils. Check out the LCO and LOC moisture therapies. 


Be sure your products are made up of mostly natural ingredients. Stay away from harsh ingredients. You can experience irritation or dryness. Natural products won't make your scalp react like that unless you are allergic.  A few people have shared that they are allergic to castor oil even though none of my customers shared such experiences, it is possible. Nonetheless, a skin test is always recommended. Also, protein treatments on different hair types will dry out your hair and cause more damage. Also, choosing the natural proteins like

  1. Look for hydrolyzed proteins in rinse-off products. These can penetrate hair and add strength and shine.
  2. Collagen is helpful in improving hair elasticity.
  3. Keratin is thought to be strengthening and improves manageability.
  4. Wheat protein adds strength and helps retain moisture.
  5. Soy protein and other plant proteins also have moisture-attracting (humectant) qualities.
  6. Silk protein tends to soften hair.


 Take into account your hair type to determine how often you should shampoo or wash your hair. You don’t want to shampoo too much but when you do make sure you’re really getting the scalp clean and free from residue.  Focus on your roots more rather than your hair to avoid stripping your natural oils. Remember to use shampoos that cleanse the scalp and not only buy shampoos that focus on moisture. I recommend washing weekly or add co-washing to your regimen if you don't wash as often. Also kids who play a lot needs a good wash day frequently to prevent harboring a breathing ground for lice and other bateria.


What you put in your body will definitely reflect in your hair. As we know you can see the state of your health through your hair. Eating foods that are rich in nutrients like zinc, Vitamin A, B, C, D, E, protein and iron all help with your hair’s health. Incorporating these nutrients into your daily diet will transform your hair for the better. Just as plants need the proper nourishment to grow and flourish so does your hair. Begin by being mindful of what you’re putting in your body but most importantly what ingredients are in your favorite hair products like creams, growth oils, clay washes, butters and shampoos and conditioners. 


Finding products that have natural sun protectant ingredients will be great for protecting your scalp from the sun's rays that can be harmful to your skin. Some natural ingredients that protect your scalp are rosemary, lavender, castor oil, sunflower oil, aloe vera, shea butter, and many more. 


Always be cautious of how your protective styles are installed, you want to make sure that it’s not tugging at your scalp and edges. Too much strain on your scalp can cause hair.


Give your scalp a good 15-minute massage twice a day and watch the magic happen. Massaging your scalp with Kai blends castor oil whether it is the black or the cold-pressed. This will help to increase the blood flow to your hair follicle especially after adding some and possibly change the texture of your hair with time and consistency. 


Exfoliating your scalp can keep it from drying out and help your natural oils to nourish your hair from roots to ends. The exfoliation process will also help to remove excess build-up. You can make your own mask with Kai Blends castor oil to make a mask with 3 tablespoons brown sugar and 1 tablespoon castor oil and 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar. Thank CEO Shaneece later. 


When you’re wearing protective styles you never want to keep the style for more than 2 months, it’s important that you allow your scalp to breathe. Your scalp needs fresh air just as much as you do. So switching up your style every 2 months is recommended if you wanna play with extensions. 


We can’t say this enough, but deep treatment is a must in your hair routine. If you want to see improvement in your overall hair health then make sure to do a deep treatment as often as possible. 

If you want good hair, have good habits that will help to nourish the roots it rises from. Treat your hair with care and you’ll continue to see it flourish into the beautiful crown you’ve always wanted. You’re just a few steps away from changing your hair’s journey in a major way!  Jamaican Castor oil can be added to any mask, shampoo, and conditioner routine. When deep treating hair , you should always covers head with cap for 20 to 25 minutes for the best result. TRUST the process! 

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