Jamaican Black Castor Oil VS Cold Pressed Castor oil

June 04, 2020 0 Comments

Jamaican Black Castor Oil VS Cold Pressed Castor oil



 What’s the difference between cold-pressed Jamaican Cold-Pressed and Jamaican black castor oil?  Mostly it’s the color and composition, which are determined by how the beans are processed.


Cold-pressed castor oil is extracted from castor seeds under great pressure. This means it is a lighter, cleaner and thinner form of oil because it doesn’t undergo the roasting process.

However, the Black castor oil is roasted, mashed and boiled in a large pot to traditional Caribbean methods. It is thicker as well as its darker brown color and slightly burnt scent.


Jamaican black castor oil has greater purifying components due to its increased pH level, which ensues from the roasting of castor seeds. It leads to more clarifying properties. As a result, this type of castor oil can be particularly useful for reducing acne and cleansing the scalp. It is also believed to help open your hair cuticles and for this reason, it is great for mixing with other hair treatments.

All castor oil is deeply nourishing and hydrating. But if you’re wondering which castor oil is best for use on replenishing a thick and healthy head of hair, many in the natural hair community prefer to use Jamaican Black castor oil. However, cold-pressed castor oil can also be used in general hair care to grow, soften and strengthen hair fibers and grow eyelashes.

Likewise, Jamaican Black castor oil can be used as an intensive moisturizer on sensitive areas such as the face and dry, chapped skin. The truth is the methods used to process the beans is the big difference and the nutritional factors are not negatively affected.

People choose based on what they are used to or the smell of black castor oil or what is available more at their local stores which is cold-pressed because it is easier to mass-produce. The black castor oil is more time and labor-intensive. I know that for a fact because Kai’s Blends Castor oil is made by my best friend's mom in Jamaica manually (the old -school way).

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