Tips For Washing Little Black Girls Hair

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Tips For Washing Little  Black Girls Hair


Use a Wide Teeth Comb to Detangle Hair

Always use hands to detangle hair before a shampoo. Make sure to detangle knots, or  matted hair prior to washing hair after a protective style like cornrows or braids. Use a static free wide teeth comb and get a microfiber towel to control the drip. 

Now that you have all of your tools out, it’s time to shampoo the hair. 

Squeeze a handful shampoo into hands and massage into hair after wetting the hair. Also, massage the scalp especially around the hairline,  top and back of the head.  Don’t be mean, use adequate amount of shampoo considering the amount of hair to ensure proper washing. The dense middle part of the head is always sensitive so be gentle. Also, ensure that you are using the correct shampoo. There are shampoos for cleaning hair and shampoos that targets moisture. 

Next, you  rinse and shampoo one more time before moving on to a conditioner. If the hair has heavy built up, flakes , grease ….maybe it is time for a hair mask or more frequent washing (need some TLC ), then you can apply a mask before doing the second shampoo or moving on to the conditioner. It’s really your preference. Some people do mask first, then shampoo. DO YOU BOO BOO! For example, for treatment days such as scalp detox, a mask is usually applied to pre-washed hair. This is the exact way how Kai Blends Honey Blossom Mask is used while wetting the hair with a spray bottle to activate the ingredients such as the Bentonite clay and the Rhassoul clay. Clay mask are ideal for cleaning and drawing out impurities from the scalp. 

 Always ensure that shampoo is removed completely before moving on to conditioner. Never try to detangle shampooed hair with a comb. Use fingers if hair is heavily matted, but you can wait to detangle hair while conditioning. Don’t rush! 

After shampoo, you should always condition the hair to soften, add moisture, add nutrients to the scalp and hair. A clean scalp is like a clean home, its a breath-taking feeling. A clean scalp promote healthy hair and hair growth. Physically , you will feel like a weight has been lifted off your head. The massaging of the conditioner reduces stress levels and increase blood flow  . Rinse out conditioner completely and add a Leave -In conditioner. A favorite right now is Aloe Leave-In Conditioner  One of the most important part is the detangling wet hair. use fingers first and the part hair in sections then slowly comb from ends to root. 

Here is a few steps:

Add a few drop of Kai Blends Castor Oil to the hair while damp/wet. Ensure that oil is applied to scalp and massaged into hair. Add coconut oil if it compliments your hair but not too much to weigh down the hair. I don’t recommend Olive oil because it actually causes acne flare ups. 

  • Separate each section by hand before combing through the pieces. Start at the bottom of the section of the hair that you’re combing with your wide tooth comb, 
  • Comb through each section, then braid it until you’re finished with her whole head.
  • Take out the braids, put a little more oil on her hair, and style it. Styling is a whole ‘nother blog post, y’all!

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