The Science of Hair Growth

May 30, 2020 0 Comments

The Science of Hair Growth

It’s imperative that our team understands how hair grows, it’s important for you to know as well, especially if the length is one of your hair goals. Read on to find out exactly how your hair grows, and a couple of tips to help your tresses along their way.

Hair growth begins at the scalp. In fact, the hair growth process begins even deeper than that, within the hair follicles. These living organisms are like tiny pockets that hold your hair. At the base of the follicle, a bulb forms, and from there the cells divide and grow. The hair growth is fed by blood vessels in the scalp which provides your hair with the nutrients and oxygen it needs to be strong and remain anchored as it grows longer and further from the scalp.

Eventually, these cells will form the hair shaft, which pushes up and out through the scalp. The hair shaft pushes through a sebaceous gland on its way out of the scalp. These glands produce sebum (oils) and naturally provide the hair shaft with moisture as it grows. The hair shaft is made out of a protein called keratin. 

Once hair is out of the scalp it no longer has access to its previous blood supply and is thus considered dead. This is why it doesn't hurt to cut your hair! You feel pain when you tug on a hair because you're pulling the hair follicle which is still very much alive. Because hair is dead, it is very important to be gentle with your hair and maintain its protein and moisture levels since it cannot regulate these things on its own. Deep treatment is important to try a few of our DIY Hair Mask.

Hair tip: Trimming the hair can help you achieve longer hair, but it doesn't affect growth. It’s natural for your hair to develop split ends and single strand knots, which lead to breakage and keep your hair from getting longer. However, hair itself only grows from the roots.

Kai Blends's Truth

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